In todays almost unlimited market of classical CD-productions those recordings which are not supported by marketing- and PR-activities and are not following a musical reception which is dictated by common trends and tastes are rarely recognized by interested public.

To understand music as a divine creation which is not contemplated for its commercial potential only has become a rare exception. But the honest, informed and with divotion for the musical piece only developed musical interpretation is the genuine job of a serious musician.

This is the basic approach of the label CAMPANELLA MUSICA which in the same moment – being a label for a small sector – follows chambermusic-repertoire which is rarely played and recorded. Often the booklets contain the musical thoughts of the respective musicians. Extremely high artistic level is a basic condition for all recordings reflecting the strong personalities of the participating artists.

Each CD-production in respect of ecomonic and artistic responsability are to be seen as individual releases of each artist involved – like book-editions by authors in the book-market.

Design and Packaging

With the exclusive colours black, white and red CAMPANELLA MUSICA follows a clear design-concept: every CD-prodiction can easily be recognized as part of the label’s design.

Secondly the CDs are not packaged in the familiar plastic jewel-box but instead comes in a preciously hand-made and elaborated book art which reinforces the labels artistic exclusivity and quality.