In 1716 Georg Philipp Telemann, then aged 35, published his “Little chamber pieces, consisting of six parts, arranged in an easy cantabile style for violin, transverse flute, also for keyboard but especially for the oboe, in such a way that both the beginner and the virtuoso have the chance to be heard.” With these words the composer said all that needed to be said concerning these truly delightful pieces.

1732/33 saw the appearance of twelve “Fantasies for transverse flute without bass”, each followed by a further dozen Fantasies for violin and for viola da gamba. These solo pieces do not follow any prescribed schema; instead they mainly offer a variety of musical forms and modes of expression, playing with the formal canon of the time, from preludes via fugues (seemingly polyphonic but in fact single-voice) to variations, overtures in the French and Italian style, and the ever-popular dance forms, in which, more than once, the sounds of nature play their part.


12 Fantasien für Oboe
(orig. Flauto traverse) TWV 40

1 Fantasie Nr. 1 in A (Vivace-Allegro)
2 Fantasie Nr. 2 in a (Grave-Vivace-Adagio-Allegro)
3 Fantasie Nr. 3 in h (Largo-Vivace-Allegro)
4 Fantasie Nr. 4 in B (Andante-Allegro-Presto)
5 Fantasie Nr. 5 in C (Presto-Largo-Allegro-Allegro)
6 Fantasie Nr. 6 in d (Dolce-Allegro-Spirituose)
7 Fantasie Nr. 7 in D (Alla francese-Presto)
8 Fantasie Nr. 8 in e (Largo-Spirituose -Allegro)
9 Fantasie Nr. 9 in E (Affetuoso-Allegro-Grave -Vivace)
10 Fantasie Nr. 10 in f# (A tempo giusto-Presto-Moderato)
11 Fantasie Nr. 11 in G (Allegro-Vivace-Allegro)
12 Fantasie Nr. 12 in g (Grave-Allegro Presto)

TT Gesamtlänge 52:08


Die kleine Kammermusik
6 Partiten für ein Melodieinstrument und basso continuo

1 – 7 Partita 1
8 – 14 Partita 2
15 – 21 Partita 3
22 – 28 Partita 4
29 – 35 Partita 5
36 – 42 Partita 6

TT Gesamtlänge 63:36


Hansjörg Schellenberger, Oboe
Margit-Anna Süß, Harp
Josef Radauer, Double Bass


»Schellenberger spielt [die Werke]  auf der Oboe, und er tut dies mit seiner charakteristischen Sicherheit, wobei er ihre überraschend vielfältigen Stimmungen und Aspekte offenbart. … Also, Partiten – ein köstliches Konfekt; Fantasien – Spinat. Wenn ich es mir recht überlege, mag ich Spinat.« George Chien in Fanfare, 09-10/2014