Project Description

Margit-Anna Süss describes her musical overview across the centuries as follows: “I want to show what music had to say in the different epochs and how it can be adapted to suit the harp. For the sake of greater contrasts, I have intentionally avoided keeping to chronological order: Johann Sebastian Bach follows Louis Spohr, Joseph Haydn comes between Bach and Peter Michael Hamel (born 1947) – and Paul Hindemith closes the ‘changing times’ with his poetical sonata. I have not only recorded pieces originally written for harp; my priority in making my selection was intrinsic musical value. The trend nowadays is not to go for complete works but to pick out isolated sections or movements, like chocolates with a particular filling made to suit individual tastes, thus avoiding demanding too much of the listener but just putting him in a relaxed mood by means of ‘background music’. In contrast, my solo album consists of complete works ranging from baroque to post-modern, to which he will be happy to give his full attention.”


01 Louis Spohr: Fantasie c-moll für Harfe solo op.35

02 Louis Spohr: Variationen über die Melodie “Ich bin noch jung” op. 36

03 Johann Sebastian Bach: Suite Nr.1 BWV 996 für Laute in der Adaption für Harfe von Marie-Claiere Jamet

04 Joseph Haydn: Thema con Variazioni für Harfe solo Hob. XVII: Nr. 5

05 Peter Michael Hamel: Miniaturen für Harfe

06 Paul Hindemith: Sonate für Harfe

TT 71:20


Margit-Anna Süß, Harp


»Anna Margit Süss verzaubert den Zuhörer in ihrer Einspielung mit Harfenklängen aus verschiedenen Epochen. Klangteppiche und Tontupfer bilden eine hervorragende Mischung.« Benjamin Scholten für, 1. März 2010

»Reizvolle Klänge aus drei Jahrhunderten von Barock bis Romantik, mit Oboe oder Englisch Horn und Harfe …« Radio Nordseewelle, 12. August 2017